Our Philosophy

Vision + Collaboration
Thoughtful Communication

Design at Grey Graphic is a collaboration, a relationship, and a partnership to bring a vision (your vision) to life. We are here to be a sounding board and a reflection of ideas, thoughts and feeling to create effective and thoughtful visual campaigns across disciplines.

We achieve this through
1. Hard Work
2. Tireless Research and Inspiration
3. Intuition


We Brand + Make Websites + Everything Else

Christine Craven


Christine’s background in design began with a childhood love of art. After years of searching for the dream job and right fit, she finally decided that creating a place in applied visual art was her true calling. With a keen vision for Grey Graphic as a studio to integrate the inspirations of everyday life, music and art into the practical work of design problem solving, Christine has thrived on a love for the discipline.

Christine holds a Master of Arts degree from San Francisco State University, but her most important accomplishment is in the nurturing of her family; husband Ryan and son Grey.


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